The Chicago Volleyball League, for the seventh season, is proud to continue and offer in 2025 a unique league designed to fit your team’s level of play. The league is intended for beginner to intermediate level teams. Teams perfect for this league are those that typically compete in the Classic, Aspire, Freedom, Liberty, Patriot or American divisions.

League Purpose

In the summer of 2016 a handful of clubs sat down together and discussed options to provide a better tournament solution for the beginner to intermediate level of club teams. Power leagues are an option however historically it appeared teams at the beginner level were playing against higher level travel teams during their first two to three seeding dates. In essence the first nine to ten matches would provide an improper level of competitive balance for both teams playing each other. This was not only true for the inexperienced teams but also for the more experienced travel teams.

The CVL is intended to help solve or dramatically reduce this issue. By having a league geared toward only the beginner to intermediate level of teams you will now see your teams “competing” more often and potentially enjoying more success in doing so. Play against more teams of the same level more often. We’ve included some stats from the 2018 season to show how often the level of competition is similar (main image up top).

League Format Information

The Chicago Volleyball League is bringing back the up/down movement after each date of play. We are also staying with the four wave revised schedules to help minimize the time players, parents and coaches are in the gym each date. In most cases teams will play, play, play and be done for the day. There will be situations where some teams are in a single pool where they might be in the gym longer however most will fit into the play, play, play scenario.

Below is a further explanation of the other general league formats for the 2024 season.

Pool/Bracket Movement (First 3 Weekends)

The first weekend will be seeded based on team rank and age for each team.

Starting the first weekend, teams will be placed in 8 team brackets where the top 3 finishers will move up a bracket, the 4th-5th place finishers will stay in the same bracket and the 6th-8th place finishers will drop down a bracket. This movement will happen after each date for the first 6 dates of play. There will be scenarios where the final bracket might need to be separate pool play in which case teams will move up or down based on their pool play finishes. If teams are in the top bracket then 1st-5th place finishers will stay and the 6th-7th place finishers will drop down.

Pool play movement (with 3 or 4 teams) will generally move top two up and bottom two move down.

Playoff Brackets (Final Weekend)

At the conclusion of the third weekend we will combine the North and South divisions for a playoff weekend. To qualify for the Championship Division teams must finish day six or be slated to move up to bracket A (top 8 teams).

Divisions will be seeded based on the final results of day six.

Playoff brackets will be broken out into their own age groups as follows:
11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U/18U.

Notes About The Format

After each season of the league we reach out to the clubs who participated and get feedback regarding every aspect of the league. We then take this information and if appropriate we make adjustments to the league in each subsequent year. Listening to the clubs who participate is vital to providing an experience which aligns to each of the club's goals. Changes for this season were driven by the conversations after last season.

League Facility, Addresses and Directions

North Division Facilities

The Athletico Center
1900 Old Willow Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
Map & Directions

College of DuPage
425 Fawell Blvd
Glen Ellyn IL 60137
Map & Directions

Sky High North Shore
1450 Harris Road
Libertyville IL 60048
Map & Directions

Top Flight Athletic Center
2739 Alft Lane
Elgin IL 60124
Map & Directions

VC United – NetLynx Sports
7135 Clinton Rd
Loves Park IL 61111
Map & Directions

South Division Facilities

Connect 44
1514 S. Main Street
Lombard IL 60148
Map & Directions

Evergreen Park HS Sports Complex
2700 West 91st Street
Evergreen Park, IL
Map & Directions

2641 W Harrison St
Chicago, IL 60612
Map & Directions

Mega Plex
15301 S Bell Rd
Lockport, IL 60491
Map & Directions

New Wave Athletic Center
7881 Lemont Rd
Darien IL 60561
Map & Directions

TPS (Old Score)
8300 Wolf Rd
Willow Springs IL 60480
Map & Directions

Unity Jr High
2115 S 54th Ave
Cicero, IL 60804
Map & Directions

League Dates & Pricing

Full four weekend schedule with eight competition dates.

Previous Season Results

Final standings for all previous seasons are listed below.

Pictures of 2024 Winners and Runner-Ups.

2024 Final Standings

Full Results 11U-18U Divisions

11U Division
1st Attack 10 Blue
2nd Top Flight 11 Theta

12u Division
1st Chicago Sky 12 Black
2nd Club 1 12 Skronkstrong

13U Division
1st MOD Regional G13 Blue
2nd Club 1 13 Royal

14U Division
1st Club Fusion 14-1 Premier
2nd MOD Regional G14 Gold

15U Division
1st Chicago Elite 15 Air
2nd VC United 151 Premier

16U Division
1st VC United 161 Premier
2nd MOD Regional G16 Blue

17U/18U Division
VC United 172 Premier
VC United 171 Premier

2023 Final Standings

Full Results 12U-18U Divisions

12s Division
1st Club 1 12 Skronkstrong
2nd VC United 121 Premier

13s Division
1st Fusion 13 Heat
2nd MOD Regional G13 Blue

14s Division
1st VC United 141 Premier
2nd Club 1 14 White

15s Division
1st MOD Regional G15 Gold
2nd Aggression 14 Elite

16s Division
Fusion 16 Heat
Chicago Elite 16 American

17s Division
Pipeline 17 Black
Cyclones 17 Black

18s Division
Pipeline 18 Black
Net Force 18 Maroon

2022 Final Standings

12s-18s North Division

12s North
1st Mindset 12 Red
2nd VC United 12P Bertelsen

13s North
1st Aggression 13 Black
2nd Top Flight 13 Theta

14s North
1st Top Flight 14 Sigma
2nd MOD Regional G14 Blue

15s North
1st VC United 15P Lazzerini
2nd MOD Regional G15 Blue

16s North
1st Sky High 16 Choy
2nd VC United 16P Stewart

1st Sky High 18 Modayil
2nd VC United 17P Hehn

12s-18s South Division

12s South
1st Ultimate Asics G12 Gold
2nd Chicago Elite 12 Elite

13s South
1st Chicago Elite 13 United
2nd Michio Chicago 13 Select

14s South
1st Michio Chicago 14 Select
2nd Chicago Elite 14 Nike

15s South
1st Fusion 15 Heat
2nd IPV 15 Adidas

16s South
1st Club 1 16 White
2nd Fusion 16 Heat

1st Sky High 18 Modayil
2nd VC United 17P Hehn

2020 Final Standings

12s Division

13s Division

14s Division

15s Division (*cut short due to covid)

16s Division (*cut short due to covid)

17/18s Division (*cut short due to covid)

How is the league run?

Who determines the league format, schedule, pricing and etc. Below are the clubs and individuals who make the league what is today. If you have any questions please feel to ask any of them.

Joel Anderson

Joel Anderson

Chicago Elite

Joel and his team handle all of the financing for the league. League entry payments, site hosting payments, official payments, insurance and etc.


Sean Gritzman

Sean Gritzman

Top Flight

Sean and his team handle all of the marketing including email, website and phone. In addition they handle logistics and reporting.


Mike Bui

Mike Bui


Mike and his team handle all sales and customer relations. They answer all questions about format and general information.